Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life Happens

Well, it's already April. I can hardly believe it at all. This year has been filled with many ups and downs-it makes we wonder if that will continue all year. I expect so. As long as a few wonderful, joyeous, fun-filled days are sprinkled in (along with a little more sunshine, please Mother Nature?!) it will still be a blessed year. I've been away from the blog much too long and honestly, I miss it and my scrapping time dearly. Much time has been spent with my family since my Father was diagnosed with cancer last November. We've run the gammot of treatments available to him; none of which have worked. The combination of congestive heart failure and cancer (multiple myeloma) made the situation much worse and his heart couldn't take the more aggressive forms of treatment for the cancer. Within the last week, we all met with the team of doctors and determined that we will move Dad home with hospice care. His days ahead are certainly in someone else's hands right now. I pray God holds him close and eases any further pain and complications he has. It's been a lousy road so far, and it isn't of course expected to get better.
Earlier in March we had great hopes he was going to have more time and I felt great relief. My mind was in a better place and I had a few days to concentrate on working on a couple new mini books. I completed my "Time Flies" book and listed it in ETSY and EBAY. Here are a few pics:

I was THRILLED that it sold on EBAY. I hope the person that bought it truly enjoys filling it with memories. It was a blast to make and I am intending to make more like it! It was the first item I've sold online....I hope there are many more in the pipeline! I'll have time spread thinly these next several months, but PLEASE know I will return whenever I can. I will sneak in a few days God willing to scrap over the next few months. Of course, National Scrapbooking Day on May 4th, I will co-host a crop here in Jackson. Then later in May with my Scrappy Girls at a weekend retreat near Madison. Spending time with my Scrappy Girls is the greatest therapy--I don't get as much accomplished as I should, but it's always a load of fun. I'll be sure to post pics from the event. Stay tuned for pics of the new 6x6 album I am working on. Hoping to list it on ETSY and EBAY sooner than later. Thanks for hanging in there with me while life happens and I need to slow down on the scrapping duties, but know I am still here and working when I can. Until next time friends!