"Legacy" Book

As many of you know, my Father passed away after a brief cancer battle. Some little voice popped in my head and said I should gather all the cool pics of his life and create a mini book. Well, it's a work in progress-especially when so many pictures I need for the book are actually slides! I will have to get them converted before I can proceed. It's turning out to be more of a maxi book than a mini! BUT, here are a few peeks at the pages I've done going back to when my Dad was a baby.


My Favorite Things Not So Mini - Mini Scrapbook

My hidden hinge mini book "My Favorite Things" is done at last. With life as crazy as it's been this year I often wondered if this book would ever be finished! Well, it is - at last. Take a peek at the video on YouTube!

Time Flies....

Here is the latest project I am finishing up for my ETSY store. Thought I'd have it done at a crop I hosted last Saturday. No luck. Hard to work when you are having so much fun laughing and spending time with my scrappy girlfriends! Boy, what a great day it was! Anyhow, I will surely do a post once it is complete, but here is a peek!

Check out this Baby Boy Mini at my ETSY store!
Such a Cutie!

Well, I expect to be saying these words to a couple kiddos this year--two of my daycare families are expecting. One in fact is due tomorrow with a baby boy. Seems like it's in the water around here lately! Soooo many baby boys! Well, I loved the pattern for this book and thought it would be perfect for a baby. Inside are 6 double sided pages with mattes on each - so  I thought, "Hey, a picture a month!" Why not, right? It was fun matching up all the paper patterns and testing out closures. I must admit, I was VERY disappointed in magnets I had planned to use to close the mini. Perhaps someday I will find some that are strong enough to hold the book closed! For now, I stick with a lovely ribbon! It works!

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