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Yes, as you've seen - I love to garden. BUT, this does not imply that I love to WEED the garden! Does anyone else have this problem? Ugh. Good grief. I swear I have more weeds than flowers every spring. If you saw pics from my home page you've noticed the "problem". You can't miss the dozens of Canadian Thistle interspersed---much to my dismay. "WHY ME?!", I cry. Oh well. It comes with the territory, right? Here is a picture of my raised veggie beds with more flowers around the front. Oh, more weeds? Yes--of course! I was just about to grab my work gloves and shovels this morning to clean it out and it started to rain. Seriously? Mother Nature could've waited at least an hour. Silly me to think she would accomodate my needs. We have soil coming on Friday and cow manure--and I still have dead plants in there from last fall. I need the rain to end for sure by tomorrow evening. Let's hope Mother Nature obliges me - just this once?! Please?

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